Savannah Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Savannah Machinery & Equipment AppraisalsSavannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia and was established in 1733.  Savannah is an important seaport on the Atlantic Ocean and was strategically utilized during both the American Revolutionary war and the American Civil war.   Savannah has been nicknamed “America’s First Planned City” since it was purposely arranged into grids with wide streets and 24 public squares (of which 21 have been preserved and still exist today).  It was the home of Girl Scout founder Juliette Low and is also the location of the famous scene in the movie Forrest Gump where the beloved quote “Life is like a box of chocolates” was spoken from a park bench.

Savannah is just a few hours’ drive from our office which is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  Our appraisers are familiar with the area and its businesses and have conducted various projects throughout the state of Georgia.  Additionally, we have experience appraising all types of equipment from hotels, retail stores and restaurants, to medical/dental equipment, textile manufacturing, machine shops and more! Our skills and expertise make us a leading resource for performing a machinery and equipment appraisal for your Savannah business.

Savannah, GA Machinery & Equipment Appraisals – Thorough Approaches Yield Results

Our certified appraisers earned their qualifications from the NEBB Institute, an organization that is renowned for their high standards and thorough training in the equipment appraisal industry.  Requirements to earn the CMEA designation from the NEBB Institute include completing a training course, passing a written exam and preparing a sample appraisal report that is graded by 2 certified appraisers and a peer review committee.

When appraising machinery and equipment, we consider three approaches to value.  The market data approach, the cost less depreciation approach and the income approach.  You can depend on our certified appraisers to utilize the approach to value that makes the most sense and will produce the most accurate results for your machinery and equipment appraisal.

The market data approach is when the market value estimate is based upon prices being paid in actual and current market listings.  The latest transactions are examined to determine a probable value.

The cost less depreciation approach is when the current cost of an asset is determined after deducting for functional and economic obsolescence, physical deterioration and depreciation.  It is based on the principle of substitution which asserts that an informed buyer will not pay more for an asset than the cost of an asset that can be replaced with the same function.

The Income approach considers revenue streams in order to determine a present value.  This approach is often difficult to execute since revenue streams for single components cannot be cataloged easily.  However, there are circumstances on occasion where it makes sense to apply the income approach to an equipment appraisal.

All of our certified appraisals are USPAP compliant and meet the SBA’s SOP Requirements.  Whether you need a machinery and equipment appraisal in Savannah, Bloomingdale, Pooler, Garden City, Tybee Island, Port Wentworth, Thunderbolt, Vernonburg or any neighboring communities, Turner Business Appraisers offers accurate, defensible and timely appraisal services that produce a high quality work product and are delivered with outstanding customer service. So call us today at 1-800-873-3040 and find out how much We Value Your Business!

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