Greenville Business Valuations

Business Valuations - Greenville, N.C.Greenville is the tenth largest city in North Carolina and home to East Carolina, the second largest university in the University of North Carolina system. Greenville is a hub for healthcare, entertainment and education in the Coastal Plains and Tidewater regions.

Turner Business Appraisers has worked with many businesses in Greenville and throughout Pitt County. Our familiarity with the companies in Greenville and the surrounding areas, along with our knowledgeable team of certified valuation analysts (CVAs), makes Turner Business Appraisers a reliable choice for preparing  Greenville business valuations.

Our expert CVAs are experienced in valuing businesses in nearly every industry that you can think of. Our CVAs examine every component of a business when performing a valuation.  The process involves assessing the competitive advantage of the company in the marketplace, determining the company’s financial wellbeing, researching economic conditions and forecasting the future finances for the business. Business Valuations are complex and our CVAs are primed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business and prepare an educated analysis and explanation of a company’s value.

Accurate, Professional Business Valuations – Greenville, N.C.

At Turner Business Appraisers, we recognize that the reasons for needing a business valuation as well as budget allowances vary from business to business.  In order to accommodate your valuation needs and preferences, we offer three different levels of Business Valuations:

Our Comparative Analysis is a no frills business valuation that contains a broad overview of the fundamental elements of the business. It does not include detailed calculations and does not meet the requirements for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).  Typically, our Comparative Analysis business valuation is used by a company for internal purposes.

Our Calculation of Value report is our midlevel business valuation and is more comprehensive than the Comparative Analysis.  This report contains more detailed calculations and satisfies the requirements of the AICPA.  The Calculation of Value has a wider variety of uses and therefore may be applicable for a company’s use internally or externally.

Our highest level and most inclusive business valuation is the Conclusion of Value.  This report is in compliance with AICPA standards, includes in depth calculations and economic analyses of the company in relation to other businesses regionally, within the state, and locally.  A Conclusion of Value is often required for circumstances that involve scrutiny from the IRS, legal issues and court decisions, and business financing obligations prior to purchase.

We are qualified and prepared to perform an accurate, reliable and comprehensive Business Valuation for your Greenville business. We are dedicated to serving our customers with the utmost integrity, precision, customer care and high quality work product in the industry.  If you need a Business Valuation in Greenville, Snow Hill, Farmville, Ayden, Winterville, Chicod, or any of the surrounding areas, Team Turner is equipped to meet your valuation requirements.  So call us today at 1-800-873-3040 to get started.  We value your business! 

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