Georgetown Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Georgetown Machinery and Equipment AppraisalsGeorgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina, just behind Charleston and Beaufort.  It became an official port of entry in 1732, enabling merchants and planters to bypass the added freight and duties that were previously paid in Charleston. Georgetown has a rich history and the city played an integral part in the American Revolution since its own Thomas Lynch Jr. was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Georgetown is a fairly short drive away from our home office in Charlotte, NC, and our certified appraisers are very familiar with the businesses in Georgetown and the surrounding communities.  Our appraisers have considerable experience appraising machinery and equipment of all types, including restaurants, retail stores, medical equipment, dental equipment, textile manufacturing, machine shops and hotels.

Our qualifications, professionalism and familiarity of Georgetown make us an exceptional choice for appraising machinery and equipment for your Georgetown business.

The reasons for needing a machinery and equipment appraisal can be varied.  The reason an appraisal is needed will be one of the deciding factors in which approach to value is applied to your equipment appraisal.  Typically, there are 3 different approaches to value considered and these include the market data approach, the cost less depreciation approach and the income approach.  Our certified appraisers have the knowledge and training to accurately and efficiently assess your equipment with the approach that best fits your appraisal requirements.

Expert, Certified Appraisers Meet Georgetown, SC Machinery & Equipment Valuation Needs

Our appraisers have received their training from the NEBB institute which is an organization that trains people seeking the certified machinery and equipment appraiser designation while instilling the highest set of standards in all of its pupils. Before earning their certification, each appraiser must undergo a stringent training program, pass a written exam, and complete a sample appraisal report that is then graded by two certified machinery and equipment appraisers as well as a peer review committee.  The comprehensive training provided by the NEBB Institute ensures that graduates of the program are prepared for any size machinery and equipment appraisal and can make accurate assessments with proficiency and finesse.  All of our machinery and equipment appraisals are certified, USPAP compliant and meet the SBA’s SOP requirements.

At Turner Business Appraisers, we pride ourselves on offering services that are professional, accurate, friendly, defensible and timely.  Whether your equipment is in Georgetown, Andres, Murrells Inlet, Pawley’s Island, or any of the neighboring cities or towns, our certified appraisers are ready to appraise your equipment with courtesy, accuracy and professionalism.  So call us today at 704-765-4820 and find out how much We Value Your Business!   

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