Charleston Business Valuations

Charleston Business Valuations, SCAs the oldest and second largest city in South Carolina, Charleston is chock-full of Southern charm. With antebellum architecture and the backdrop of plantations throughout, Charleston is a haunting and aesthetically beautiful place to visit. The Charleston Harbor is situated on an inlet along the Atlantic and the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers. Charleston is a popular tourist destination known for its inimitable culture and flavor.

Since Charleston is only a few hours away from our headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., our Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs) can easily make a trip to visit businesses in the area as needed. This makes Turner Business Appraisers a smart and viable option for valuing your Charleston business. We have a team of expert CVAs who have earned their credentials from the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, which offers the only valuation credential accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Our CVAs have experience preparing business valuations for businesses in nearly every industry.

Expert Business Valuations in the Charleston area

Because of the attention to detail and critical thinking skills that Business Valuations require, it is vital to seek the aid of a qualified professional.  To demonstrate how Business Valuations are so complex, consider the procedures that a CVA must utilize in order to arrive at an accurate value of a Charleston business. The first step is to collect the necessary information, which ranges from getting an equipment list and a customer list, to reading over financial statements and existing cash flow, to determining how much the company’s brand or name contributes to their success. Next, the valuator will need to determine where there are opportunities for improvement within the business as well as acknowledge what is working well. Then, they will figure in how the business is affected by the economy, determine the financial health of the company and analyze the company’s ability to compete among other businesses that offer similar goods and services. There are many other factors that contribute to the final outcome. As you can see, this is a job for the pros. At Team Turner, our CVAs have the credentials and propensity to prepare accurate and reliable business valuations.

To accommodate varying budget and valuation requirements, we offer three stages of Charleston Business Valuations.  Please visit our South Carolina valuations page for a breakdown of these stages and the level of detail each contains.

If you require a business valuation in Charleston, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, North Charleston, Summerville, Ridgeville, St. George, Reevesville, Ladson, Harleyville or any other communities close by, Team Turner is ready to assist you with an accurate and complete business valuation that is delivered with integrity and courteous customer service.  So call us today at 1-800-873-3040 to get started.  We value your business!

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