Brunswick Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Brunswick Machinery & Equipment AppraisalsBrunswick is located on a harbor of the Oglethorpe Bay in southeast Georgia.  Brunswick is only 30 miles north of Florida and is one of the most important port cities on the Atlantic coast.  Brunswick has been called the “Shrimp Capital of the World” and is the center of Georgia’s shrimp and crab industry.  The city alleges that the recipe for Brunswick stew, a tomato based stew that contains various types of meat, lima beans, okra, corn and other vegetables, originated here.  In fact, there is a 25-gallon iron pot outside the city that displays a sign declaring that the first Brunswick stew was made there in 1898.

Because our office is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, any of the southeastern states and cities on the Atlantic are easily accessible for our appraisers to examine machinery and equipment.  Our certified appraisers are experienced appraising machinery and equipment of all types and in various industries including but not limited to hotels, retail stores, restaurants, medical and dental equipment, textile manufacturing, machine shops and much more! The combination of the ease of access to Brunswick and our expertise appraising machinery and equipment of all types makes Turner Business Appraisers your number one source for appraising machinery and equipment for your Brunswick business.

Brunswick, GA Machinery & Equipment Appraisals – Our Well-trained Staff Deliver Results

Our certified appraisers have received their qualifications from the NEBB Institute.  The NEBB Institute is an institution that is known nationally and internationally for their high standards and superior training program in the equipment appraisal industry.  Requirements for earning the CMEA credential include participating in a thorough training course, passing a written exam, and preparing a sample appraisal report that will be graded by 2 certified appraisers and a peer review committee. The training that our appraisers obtained has equipped them to approach any appraisal circumstance with skill and poise.  Our certified appraisals meet the SBA’s SOP Requirements and are USPAP compliant.  They can withstand scrutiny from the IRS, Litigation, Banks and more.

When we take a look at equipment in order to consider it’s value, we must think about three different approaches to value. These approaches include the Market Data Approach, the Cost Less Depreciation Approach and the Income Approach.  Our certified appraisers are qualified to accurately determine the best approach to value for your equipment appraisal.

The market data approach is when the market value estimate is based upon prices being paid in actual and current market listings.  The latest transactions are examined to determine a probable value.

The cost less depreciation approach is when the current cost of an asset is determined after deducting for functional and economic obsolescence, physical deterioration and depreciation.  It is based on the principle of substitution which asserts that an informed buyer will not pay more for an asset than the cost of an asset that can be replaced with the same function.

The Income approach considers revenue streams in order to determine a present value.  This approach is often difficult to execute since revenue streams for single assets cannot be itemized easily.  However, there are circumstances on occasion where it makes sense to apply the income approach to an equipment appraisal.

Whether you need an appraisal in Brunswick, Country Club Estates, Dock Junction, St. Simons, Sterling, or any other communities in close proximity, Turner Business Appraisers is ready to provide your business with an accurate, defensible and timely appraisal. So call us today at 704-765-4820 and find out how much We Value Your Business!  

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