Equipment Appraisals in Charlotte

Equipment Appraisals in Charlotte

Equipment Appraisals in Charlotte


What is an equipment appraisal?


Equipment appraisals in Charlotte consist of examining equipment to calculate an approximation of value.  There are three main reasons for performing an appraisal: to verify the market value, determine cost and calculate income. Each of these reasons affects the methodology that the appraiser utilizes for the assignment.  Aspects examined in all appraisal assignments include researching and comparing items to be appraised with similar equipment in the market and verifying the accuracy of the information submitted by the client.  A major component of a Charlotte Equipment Appraisal is Research.  In addition to pricing, the history of the equipment must be studied and should include equipment recall information and accident reports.


Equipment appraisers analyze various types of equipment ranging from industrial equipment to medical equipment, construction equipment and more.  Equipment appraisals in Charlotte cover a broad spectrum since Charlotte is a large city with a diverse business environment.


Do you need to know the value of your equipment located in the Charlotte area? Turner Business Appraisers and Brokers is a with certified machinery and equipment appraisers who are highly qualified to perform certified machinery & equipment appraisals in Charlotte. What can you expect from a Charlotte equipment appraisal?  The team at Turner Business Appraisers and Brokers will begin with detailed discussion to identify the specific details required to complete the assignment. The certified appraiser working on the assignment will perform a site inspection where photographs of the equipment will be taken the model and serial number for each piece of equipment will be recorded for analysis.  From there, the appraiser will determine which approach to apply to the assignment and will prepare a comprehensive report that discusses market conditions, the value of the equipment and how the value was calculated.  All equipment appraisals in Charlotte performed by Turner Business Appraisers and Brokers are USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant. The comprehensive reports prepared by the certified appraisers at Turner will include information that will endure scrutiny from CPAs, lenders, attorneys, the IRS and other professionals. To ensure client satisfaction and eliminate confusion, the results of every Charlotte equipment appraisal are thoroughly explained.

You may wonder what kinds of situations will require a comprehensive Charlotte equipment appraisal.  There are many different reasons one might need an equipment appraisal in Charlotte. For example, if a local business is in distress or is undergoing bankruptcy, an equipment appraisal in Charlotte would be needed to determine the how much the equipment should be sold for given the time constraints and the obligation to sell the assets.  In this case, a forced liquidation value would be applied.  On some occasions, a person may want to sell their equipment voluntarily.  Perhaps they want to sell their existing equipment so they can upgrade. Because there are no time constraints associated with this type of sale, and it is voluntary, orderly liquidation value might be applied for the appraisal.   Another common scenario that requires an equipment appraisal is for lending purposes. Often a person who is entering into a buy/sell agreement will need to obtain SBA financing.  In order to receive loan approval, the lender may require a certified Charlotte equipment appraisal to be performed to determine how much the bank is willing to lend.  Other reasons to obtain a Charlotte equipment appraisal include 1031 Exchanges, Property Taxes, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning and Divorce Settlements.   Additionally, in the unfortunate event of a fire, flood or other catastrophic event, knowing the actual value of your equipment will help maximize your insurance settlement.  Documentation from a certified equipment appraisal in Charlotte may help verify that your equipment was worth more than the insurance company might otherwise have determined.

In conclusion, equipment appraisals in Charlotte involve extensive research and analysis from certified professionals.  There are many reasons that a business owner may need to employ the services of a certified machinery and equipment appraiser.  Call Turner Business Appraisers and Brokers today to find out how you might benefit from a certified equipment appraisal in Charlotte.

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