Tallahassee Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Tallahassee FL Machinery & Equipment AppraisalsTallahassee is the capital of Florida and home to two public universities: Florida State University and Florida A&M University.  Tallahassee houses the world’s largest and highest powered magnet laboratory which has the ability to produce a magnetic field one million times stronger than the magnetic field of the earth.  Tallahassee, part of the Florida Panhandle, consists of 95 miles of land and 2 miles of water.

The Turner team has prepared numerous machinery and equipment appraisals in the state of Florida.  We are experienced appraising machinery and equipment of all types, ranging from restaurants, retail stores, medical equipment, dental equipment, textile manufacturing, machine shops hotels and more. Our certified appraisals are reliable, accurate and defensible.  Our knowledge and acquaintance with the industries in Tallahassee and throughout the state of Florida make us your number one source for machinery and equipment appraisals in Tallahassee.  

Expert Machinery & Equipment Appraisals in Tallahassee – Accurate and On Time

There are numerous reasons that an equipment appraisal may be required.  There are three different approaches to value that our appraisers consider when appraising machinery and equipment.  These include the market data approach, the cost less depreciation approach and the income approach.

The market data approach is when the market value estimate is based upon prices being paid in actual and current market listings.  The latest transactions are reviewed to conclude a probable value.

The cost less depreciation approach is when the existing cost of an asset is determined after subtracting for functional and economic obsolescence, physical deterioration and depreciation.  It is based on the principle of substitution which maintains that an informed buyer will not pay more for an asset than the cost of an asset that can be replaced with the same function.

The income approach considers the revenue streams in order to establish a present value.  This approach is often difficult to implement since revenue streams for single components cannot be itemized easily.  There are however, occasionally situations where it makes sense to apply the income approach to an equipment appraisal.

Our certified appraisers are trained to correctly identify the approach to value that best fits the appraisal circumstances, ensuring that you receive a professional appraisal with accurate results.

Whether you need an accurate, defensible and timely machine or equipment appraisal in Tallahassee or any locations in close proximity, our expert certified appraisers are available to proficiently appraise your equipment with courtesy and professionalism.  So call us today at 704-765-4820 and find out how much We Value Your Business!   

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