Office Equipment Appraisals

Office Equipment AppraisalsTurner Business Appraisers has the expertise and experience to accurately appraise furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E). An office equipment appraisal by Turner Business Appraisers is both accurate and defensible in court, is USPAP compliant and meets the SBA’s SOP requirements. There are 3 types of approaches to value that we consider when performing an office equipment appraisal and these include the Market Data Approach, the Cost less Depreciation Approach, and the Income Approach. Additionally, there are times when a fair market value estimate might be necessary, such as in a buy-out situation at the end of a lease purchase or when an appraisal is needed for the purchase of pre-owned office equipment.   All of our CMEAs have the training and knowledge necessary to apply the correct approach to value to meet the intended use for your office equipment appraisal.

Often a certified office equipment appraisal is required for borrowing and lending purposes, estate, divorce and other family matters, insurance documentation, due diligence, mergers/acquisitions, donations, balance sheet adjustments, lease termination residual values and other business reasons. Our firm is ready and available to appraise a wide variety of office furniture, fixtures and equipment including but not limited to computers and computer servers, conference tables, desks, chairs, video surveillance systems, security systems, break room appliances and more. With Turner Business Appraisers, you are guaranteed to get a certified appraisal and a professional finished work product that you can be proud of!

Office Equipment Appraisals – Which Appraisal Type Fits Your Needs?

Desktop appraisals are the most cost effective appraisal type and can be beneficial if your office equipment appraisal does not require that the furniture fixtures and equipment be personally viewed and inspected by the appraiser and will not need to meet requirements for tax purposes, banking matters or litigation.  A Desktop appraisal is just as it sounds—an appraisal report prepared entirely from the appraiser’s desk based upon information about the office equipment supplied by the client. Detailed information required from the client to prepare the proposal will include photographs of the equipment, manufacturers name, model numbers and other relevant details.

A full summary office equipment appraisal also utilizes detailed information such as photographs, model numbers and manufacturer names but all the information is appraiser gathered and the equipment is verified by a site inspection from the appraiser. A full summary office equipment appraisal can withstand scrutiny in any litigation matter or tax dispute and will fulfill any banking/SBA loan requirement.

Our appraisers have the experience and the expertise necessary to provide you with an accurate, reliable and timely office equipment appraisal for any situation, so call us at 704-765-4820  to get started!  

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