Medical Equipment Appraisals

Medical Equipment AppraisalsTurner Business Appraisers offers comprehensive appraisal services for many types of health related businesses such as hospitals, private practices, imaging centers & clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers and their equipment items including pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical and other similar equipment items. Additionally, we perform these types of equipment appraisals for attorneys and banks. Turner Business Appraisers provides only the highest quality, certified appraisals, which are compliant with USPAP, IRS, SBA, Stark Law and FASB. We maintain the confidence of our clients by conforming to the highest standards of professional ethics and are equipped to appraise medical equipment for any purpose from taxation issues, insurance replacement costs, donations and balance sheet adjustments to mergers/acquisitions, sale of a practice or lease termination residual values.

Whether you’re interested in a desktop appraisal or a complete summary appraisal for your practice, we are ready to value your machinery and equipment with efficiency and accuracy. We can prepare desktop or complete Summary appraisals for any type of medical practice, including but not limited to medical groups, rehab hospitals, sleep labs, optometry practices, ophthalmology practices, cancer/radiation therapy centers, urgent care centers, chiropractic practices, dialysis centers, clinical labs, dental practices, physician practices, diagnostic imaging centers, senior living facilities, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, multi-specialty practices and more.

A desktop appraisal report is similar to the full summary appraisal report in that it meets the requirements for most medical equipment appraisal objectives, excluding litigation, tax related and banking matters. The desktop approach utilizes information supplied by the client such as model numbers, serial numbers, manufacturer names and photographs to prepare the analysis. However, it will be stated in the report that the equipment has not been personally inspected or viewed by the appraiser. If you need a certified medical equipment appraisal that does not require a physical inspection then a desktop appraisal may be a more cost-effective appraisal option.

If you need a more comprehensive certified medical equipment appraisal that can endure the scrutiny of banking/SBA loan requirements, litigation and tax related disputes, a full summary medical equipment appraisal will fulfill these requirements. A full summary report is our top level medical equipment appraisal report and is prepared by utilizing data collection, photographs, and information obtained by the appraiser.certified medical equipment appraisal

Medical Equipment Appraisals – The Optimal Approach for Your Needs

When appraising your medical equipment, three approaches to value are considered: The income approach, cost less depreciation approach, and the market comparable approach. We can also provide fair market value estimates when applicable. All of the medical equipment appraisers at Turner Business Appraisers are experts and are trained to utilize the approach that makes the most sense to provide accurate results based upon the purpose of the assignment. Call us at 704-765-4820 to speak to someone about your medical equipment appraisal needs.  

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