Eminent Domain Appraisals

Eminent Domain AppraisalsIn certain instances, municipal government entities must exercise their authority to declare private property for public use if it is in the best interest of the the public in the big picture. Situations such as this may transpire due to economic development, the creation of roads, railways and government structures.

Turner Business Appraisers has the experience necessary to provide accurate, reliable and timely certified appraisals of all types including restaurants, offices, plants, retail buildings, heavy machinery, farm equipment and more. Our appraisers are equipped to address an eminent domain assessment with confidence, competency and professionalism.  All of our certified appraisers have earned the CMEA designation from the NEBB Institute, a nationally and globally recognized leader of training in the appraisal industry. The NEBB Institute holds their appraisers to the highest standards in the industry.  This organization has taught our appraisers how to craft a defensible appraisal that is backed by ethics, reporting and substantiation. This guarantees that your eminent domain appraisal will be able to withstand scrutiny among any institution.

Fair and Unbiased Eminent Domain Appraisals in NC, SC and GA

The expertise of our experienced appraisers can assist property owners and municipal government entities in determining a fair and unbiased valuation. When considering an approach to value, there are many options.  These include:

The Market Data Approach, which is when the market value estimate is determined through observation of of prices paid in actual market transactions and current listings  and recent transactions are examined to arrive at a probably value.

The Cost Less Depreciation Approach is when the current cost of a piece of equipment is determined after physical deterioration, depreciation and functional and economic obscolesence are deducted and is based on the principle of substitution which states that a knowledgeable buyer will not pay more for an asset than the cost to produce a substitute asset with the same utility.

The Income Approach takes into account future revenue streams to derive a present value.  Because revenue streams cannot be easily itemized for individual items, the income approach can be more challenging to employ. However, certain situations are applicable for this approach and make it a viable choice for the appraisal.

The certified appraisers at Turner Business Appraisers have a vast knowledge of various types of equipment and are uniquely qualified to assist you with any type of machinery and equipment appraisal, including eminent domain appraisals.  Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality work with precision and unparalleled customer care so call us at 704-765-4820 to get started with your eminent domain appraisal.  

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