About Us

Our People

Our teammates are honest, professional and have high integrity.  We intentionally seek and hire well-seasoned, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers and Certified Valuation Analysts which empowers us to provide our customers with a well-qualified professional to handle every assignment.  You can count on Team Turner to consistently deliver the 3 C’s: Competence,  Courtesy and Character!

Our History

In 1999, over breakfast with friends, Jim Turner, CPA, began to envision his future as an entrepreneur and thus Turner Business Appraisers was born.  Originally a business whose main focus was performing compliance audits for local governments, Turner began to grow and from this growth, additional skills were cultivated.  Now, in addition to being certified public accountants, many of the professionals on our team have earned designations as certified business valuation analysts and certified machinery & equipment appraisers.  This dexterity compelled us to integrate our talents in additional markets and consequently, our name. Although Turner still offers compliance audits for local governments, we have become experts in the field of equipment appraisals and business valuations which has been greatly enhanced by an extensive tax accounting background.

Our Services

Business Valuations & Equipment Appraisals

Turner Business Appraisers is your one stop shop for both equipment appraisals and business valuations. All the services that we provide meet the SBA’s SOP requirements and are USPAP compliant.  Our team is comprised of several skilled business appraisers, CPAs, CMEAs and CVAs who are committed to delivering quality service with integrity, precision and unparalleled customer care.

Compliance Audits

Be sure to check out our government services  page  to learn more about how Team Turner can ensure equity among your jurisdiction.

We aspire to be the undisputed leader in customer care and quality in all of the industries we serve.